One's purpose it not to seek. But to enjoy

Just words or wisdom. You decide

A boy cried. Worried that one day the people that you love the most will die and that he will feel alone in life. A man saw this boy and embraced him and hugged him. These were his words to the boy. “Child, don’t be sad or depressed. In the cycle of life. We are born alone, we live alone, and you die alone. Although it is sad that we must eventually end. But don’t waste a life worth living. We have had all out pitfalls, and our 15 minutes on the spot light. But how you use it, how you embrace it, how you grow into the man you will become. Is something that you will learn on your own. We all have people in our lives that come and teach us something, and there are some that comes and use us. But the most part the people that stick by you. Well their are golden. For the reason is that these people see the same thing in you. A potential of greatness. Although we will have our moments that we ask the question “Is it worth it?” That is up for you to decide. But I leave you with this lingering question. Does the person that will pass (die) taught you something of value? If the answer is yes. Then you will never be alone. 

The Weeknd - The Zone